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For "Love and Let Live":

"Stuart can speak volumes in one line where others make one line into a volume."

Strait Newspaper


"Christian biased but enjoyable whatever your faith persuasion."

Brum Beat

For "Believing is Seeing":

"His first recording was good but this one is exceptional. Here are punchy songs full of rhythmic ingenuity and clear, though not clichéd, lyrics."

Buzz Magazine


"Stuart is a sensitive yet earthy songwriter and performer."

Strait Newspaper

For "Peace":

"Stuart recorded three albums. But the last was in 1988 and since Cross Rhythms' inception nothing had been heard from the gifted singer/guitarist/composer. Now, Alliance are pitching in with the comeback album. Stuart's years away have not been without travail, he contracted the disabling disease ME. He is now thankfully fully recovered. So, what of Stuart's album? Well, it's a set of songs suitable for congregational worship, nimbly produced by Chris Norton. The standouts are "Out Of The Brightest Side" opener with some fluid bluesy guitar and the beautiful neo-classical title track."

Cross Rhythms


"‘Peace’ sits well alongside the sort of worship material being written by Noel Richards though there are still plenty of influences from 60’s heroes like Joni Mitchell and Dylan. With Christopher Norton in the producer’s chair - ‘Peace’ is an acoustic melodic treat and a great tribute to a remarkable man."

Alliance Music

Comments for a recent video:

'Don't think I realised just how good you are, that was brilliant.'

'I love it. Still a huge talent. Thanks for sharing.'

Stuart's response - 'Aw schucks'


Comment on some of the Guitar Instrumentals:

'Just listening in the garden to your tranquil instrumentals Stuart. I'm almost horizontal!'

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